A self portrait nude series on body image & self confidence. -- I was tired of seeing everyone, including myself constantly strive for perfection when it does not exist & in the process be unhappy with our bodies. Insecurities have gotten so much to us that every picture these days needs to be retouched even for a social media upload. I decided to do this shoot & get out off my little shell & show people how we all NEED to be happy with our bodies & not have unrealistic goals of perfection, & instead be proud off those tiger stripes & scars. Your body is your reflection off your battles. Its your support system through sickness, pain, trauma, stress etc. Embrace the imperfections. Be happy in your own skin and stop trying to be a part off a fake world trying to encourage heavily airbrushed skin and thigh gaps. -- It was definitely a huge step for me, as I myself have been battling insecurity issues for a long time, but this opened my eyes & definitely helped me be happy with my body the way it is. #FuckYourBeautyStandards #EmbraceThemTigerStripes Special thanks to Dhanish Pillai & Karishma Shah for all their help with this project. :)