💕💕 A dateless planner filled with colour, unicorns and great energy. 💕💕

🦄This planner is intended to not add pressure, or overwhelm you, but give you reminders, some comfort and ofcourse a euphoric set of colours.🦄 


Each day has everything Rosh does, and would like everyone to practice as well. Starting with Affirmations, to self care, scheduling the day and other details to go with it, mental health and wellbeing and ending with an extra page for notes, ideas, doodles anything! Everything you need in a day! 

👾Oh, and ofcourse it comes with a cute furry multicolour pen, remembering them good old 90's days!👾


  • * A5 dateless planner with a colourful pen *

    Inside pages include: 

    • Realistic yearly goals
    • Realstic work goals
    • Habits to form or change 
    • Places to visit 
    • Personal reminders 
    • Everyday back to back pages including: Daily affirmations + self care check, scheduling your day + ideas + meals + budgets + your to do list etc, A mental health check to journal your feelings, keep your mental health priority & last a notes for everyday extra notes. These are repeated for a whole day / week usage as and when you like since they have no dates to pressure you :)
    • What makes it even more special it has self love and mental health reminders at the start, written by Rosh to help you on days you cant do it yourself! 

    This planner has been carefully curated and created by Rosh, putting in everything she thought would make the perfect first planner to help people stay calm, happy when you see it and organised with no pressure from the planner itself! 


  • Shipped within 5-7 days 


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