Yup. Must be already triggered somehow huh? Good.

It is thoroughly fascinating and exceedingly offensive how a body part can offend anyone. A body part that is on everyone, not like gentalia which can differ.

This is the same body part that has been degraded, sexualised, found "unsanskari", just a lot of adjectives that are nothing close to what it really is. A body part. And the owner of the body should be given choice to show it or not to show it. Not institutions, social media platforms, not laws...

But let me tell you, there was a time men found for their right to show nipples as well. It was way back in the 1930's though. And they won the fight and here we are STILL fighting for it 2021. Because, equality is necessary. It is the need of the hour.

Today’s #FreeTheNipple movement isn’t all that dissimilar to the original efforts to allow for nipples to be seen in public.Except at that time, it was guys who wanted to show skin. Yes, up until the mid 1930’s it was illegal to public flaunt the male nipple in public. The first protests occurred on Coney Island in the early 1930’s, where men gathered to fight for the right to swim and sunbathe in shirtless swim trunks. In 1935, another group of male protesters got themselves arrested in Atlantic City for hitting the beach while baring their torsos. In 1936, these men legally gained the right to show their nipples in public, laying the foundation for existing New York state laws that allow women to be topless wherever a man is legally allowed to be.The difference, however, is that women can still be charged with public indecency, disturbing the peace, or lewd behavior in many of these places where toplessness is purportedly legal.

(So for men who think HOW IS SHOWING YOUR TITS GOING TO HELP ANYTHING, honey, your own kind did it and won so please sit down)

Now lets come to understanding why it took them just 5 years to win this, and we are currently still fighting fights way beyond just nipples. Its been 86 years since men had to stop dealing with this. And even though the free the nipple movement technically was started in 2012, feminist protests for equal rights have been going on forever.

What does it really mean to give this unequal distribution of rights and power to a gender?

Well, it really means blatantly that, that gender is at privilege and power in the society/culture you reside in. It means the system of patriarchy will put its double standards on any body that is not male and has a penis and your rights of a lot of choices are taken away from you.

Its so simple for CIS men of today to just remove their tops when they're in crowds, or at the beach, or on social media, anything. Merely because of convenience, comfort anything. Now imagine, we as the minority have to be cautious of even showing skin in a country like ours let alone go topless because of ACTUAL SAFETY CONCERNS. Because why? Girl showing skin is asking for it. Girl showing skin is easy. Girl showing skin is unsanskari. Who put all these labels and stereotypes though? Who put these rules? Not the girl, certainly not. She was GIVEN these rules to abide. She neither had a choice nor was asked. The system wrote that handbook for her just because she was a girl. Just because she didn't have a penis. And because of that, she is in REAL danger to her life and safety if she refuses to follow that handbook. Imagine that. Is that ever a concern for majority of CIS men? Do you think twice walking alone at night? OR wearing an outfit you love so much but scared it might be a threat to your safety? Do you get stared and gawked at even if you are fully clothed and eye-raped it makes you want to throw up? Do you get comments which are basically sexual assaults but are normalised as "just men behaviour" on your pictures? Do you get DM's of sexual organs as a means to get to fuck you? Nah, majority for CIS men do not have these problems, and you probably never will. Thats what privilege looks like, my men. Thats what you have.

Why do people like me, and many more like me, before me and after me continue to fight for things like this?

Well the systematic oppression of women is not new. Its been going on for years now and they've used multiple tactics to do it. From fashion to beauty standards to everything. We've objectified and sexualised a body part that is on every human just on humans with vagina's SO much, a mere peek of a breast and apparently men cant control their penis's and neither can Instagram control is guidelines. After all, Instagram is owned by a man, what can we expect. Privilege. Power. MISUSE of that power.

We have sexualised a nipple and a breast so much we cannot see a human with them and even look at them as human beings with a personality, with talents, skills, so many more things that balls of fat that have been used as techniques of oppression against their own body. How is this remotely fair?

How is it fair to put a taboo on a body part and make someone systematically feel shame, fear and embarrassment for it? Its not the first time though, we've had to face the same for our vaginas. Yet another part that has double standards latched onto it by the patriarchal system.

Do you see the double standard though? CIS men love these parts, practically obsessed with it, even a half a tit will make them get aroused BUT when someone does it openly, consensually, by their own choice and willingly it becomes a question about morality, nudity, and if children should be subjected to such things? Excuse me, the same children came out of a vagina and got fed by the same body part. They should be educated and made aware of the natural form and its functions. It needs to be normalised. NO ONE is saying a minor should be subjected to sexual nudity, but there is a difference between sexualising a body part and seeing it as a natural form, and people saying a minor shouldn't see it are seeing it from the perspective of sexualising it, because they already have. A child is not going to see a tit and sexualise it just as yet, remember that. Its WE who have taught them that, and who will. Education regarding bodies, sex and gender can help prevent the absolute horrible crimes having as I type this.

This double standard is not just dangerous for everyone but for people who have these body parts. They are made to live in fear, restrict themselves, hide, have severe body image issues and so much more. It is not something anyone should be subjected too, gender doesnt matter and that's why I will do the work I need too. I will show my nipple because I see it as a body part and sexual organ but when and how matters. If im taking beautiful pictures of myself it is just a body part part off my art, if im feeling sexual, it is a sexual organ but I will not have this systematic oppression of a body part put on me at all times. I will not let your gaze, your objectification and sexualising of MY body part fear me into loving my body and living freely with it.

People with boobs & vagina's are more than just that. We cant be always have these beautiful parts be used against us for agenda, oppression, discrimination, violence. I and many others have the privilege and resources to help address these things, hence I must. I will.

I have lived through being objectified and sexualised when I was 12 years old from a random man because I had tits and he wanted to brush past them, Ive had old men stare at me from top to bottom even when I was fully clothed from then till now and still do the same.

Today, when I walk out braless, wearing the clothes I want, posting the pictures I do, Im doing it for all of us and taking back that power and choice that was taken and never given to us.

My cis men, next time you see a person with a great rack, or a great body, remember they are more than just that. Nothing wrong in appreciating a great rack, I do it all the time, but that's the things APPRECIATING and OBJECTIFICATION are very different things. Dont be on the wrong side of things please. Unlearn that patriarchy that has affected you as well.

And for those cis men who cant stand to see a woman free, in a world so against her freedom,

---- FUCK YOU, darling. <3

Free the nipple.

Free the invisible cages,

Smash the fucking patriarchy,

One nipple, One post,

One conversation at a time.

Cant stop. Wont stop.


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