Yup. Must be already triggered somehow huh? Good.

It is thoroughly fascinating and exceedingly offensive how a body part can offend anyone. A body part that is on everyone, not like gentalia which can differ.

This is the same body part that has been degraded, sexualised, found "unsanskari", just a lot of adjectives that are nothing close to what it really is. A body part. And the owner of the body should be given choice to show it or not to show it. Not institutions, social media platforms, not laws...

But let me tell you, there was a time men found for their right to show nipples as well. It was way back in the 1930's though. And they won the fight and here we are STILL fighting for it 2021. Because, equality is necessary. It is the need of the hour.

Today’s #FreeTheNipple movement isn’t all that dissimilar to the original efforts to allow for nipples to be seen in public.Except at that time, it was guys who wanted to show skin. Yes, up until the mid 1930’s it was illegal to public flaunt the male nipple in public. The first protests occurred on Coney Island in the early 1930’s, where men gathered to fight for the right to swim and sunbathe in shirtless swim trunks. In 1935, another group of male protesters got themselves arrested in Atlantic City for hitting the beach while baring their torsos. In 1936, these men legally gained the right to show their nipples in public, laying the foundation for existing New York state laws that allow women to be topless wherever a man is legally allowed to be.The difference, however, is that women can still be charged with public indecency, disturbing the peace, or lewd behavior in many of these places where toplessness is purportedly legal.

(So for men who think HOW IS SHOWING YOUR TITS GOING TO HELP ANYTHING, honey, your own kind did it and won so please sit down)

Now lets come to u