The last post was in 2018, we're in 2021 now. Goddamn. I want to bring back blogs again. I enjoyed my blogspot account and page so much when I was younger. I want to feel that again.

And all this came to me while talking to my friend who equally loves writing and I was writing this piece yesterday and I realised, I NEED to fucking do this already! Mostly for me, and some for you all, who might like reading the insides of head. Hehe.

Here's yesterdays thoughts, poured out:

24. April, 21/ 9.31pm _ FEEL

I see everyone changing now,

Worlds falling apart,

But worlds also colliding and coming together.

I see everything burning now,

The fumes choking us,

But clearing to show us the truth.

I see the world bleeding now,

From our own wounds, self inflicted,

But the pain is making us grow.

But where are we going now?

I don't know,

We all don't know,