The last post was in 2018, we're in 2021 now. Goddamn. I want to bring back blogs again. I enjoyed my blogspot account and page so much when I was younger. I want to feel that again.

And all this came to me while talking to my friend who equally loves writing and I was writing this piece yesterday and I realised, I NEED to fucking do this already! Mostly for me, and some for you all, who might like reading the insides of head. Hehe.

Here's yesterdays thoughts, poured out:

24. April, 21/ 9.31pm _ FEEL

I see everyone changing now,

Worlds falling apart,

But worlds also colliding and coming together.

I see everything burning now,

The fumes choking us,

But clearing to show us the truth.

I see the world bleeding now,

From our own wounds, self inflicted,

But the pain is making us grow.

But where are we going now?

I don't know,

We all don't know,

All we know is now and this moment of presence.

That you and I are feeling,

In this very moment, this second,

We’re still thinking, hurting, loving, grieving,

Unknowingly together,

Forgetting we are all connected,

Through pieces of that stardust we were made from,

Through the heart that pumps our blood,

Through the experiences we end up all having,

Through the people we all end up knowing.

The world is so small,

We all own pieces of every soul we come by,

Little small fragments off it,

Embedded in our minds.

The random strangers we’ve smiled at,

Or had conversations with and never seen again,

The ones we loved so deeply,

And thought it was our fate.

The ones we don't want to ever see again,

Who misunderstood us,

And all our efforts in vain.

But we are all still connected,

If one of us burns, we all do,

If one of us hurts, we all do,

If one grieves, we all do.

But we’ve so far forgotten that,

Gone so far away,

So distant, so unaware,

That right now,

We can’t comprehend why we’re all in so much pain,

In so much chaos,

In so much of conflict,

If only we could feel,

That stardust,

Those heartbeats,

Those tears,

Those fears,

That humanity once again,

To set us free.

…Until then,

I shall write,

I shall create,

I shall share,

I shall be vulnerable..

I shall continue to feel.

Anything and everything I can.

For I’d rather be called soft & sensitive,

In a world,

..Forgetting to live.

Pictures shot with my girl Nicole, through FaceTime during sunset through a goddamn screen.

We really take the small things for granted don’t we? The sunsets, the skies, the views, and when we can’t see them or are restricted we suddenly feel helpless and want them immediately. I think that’s our biggest flaw, humanity. We do not know how to, truly be present while we can and somehow we want everything only when we cannot have it.

Today, I paused my jumanji movie and came back on instagram to put this thought out.

Today be present. Whatever it is you are currently going through I’m not here to say don’t feel it, be happy and all that toxic positivity bullshit, I’m here to say feel it, don’t suppress it, don’t hide it, I’m sorry you’re going through thjs hard time. I’m sorry we all are. I hope in someway I can comfort you through my writing, or thoughts or pictures. But have faith, in yourself mostly, you will get through the pain. 🌻



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