The point of this series isn't to be explicit and make people cringe, its for making a very important and valid point that our society needs to understand; I bleed, and its fucking okay. 
Ive seen since I was a child talking about period's or anything remotely related to it has to be whispered or not talked about. Talking about your vagina, even worse. (Shit, I said the V word) 
But why? Men are constantly peeing on the roads with their genitalia in all its glory but we aren't allowed to express something relating to a bodily function? Why is there so much double standards with the female genitalia? Why is our society promoting more women to be scared, quiet and hide something thats completely natural? WHY is our society promoting this kind off discrimination? 
I want to help people understand that this is a natural process, it's not the most comfortable ofcourse but it's natural fucking process. Its also something that every woman goes through regardless of any discrimination and it IS and should be a valid reason to be provided with basic supplies for those of lower financial backgrounds. I also want women to understand talking about your vagina, more over, loving it is COMPLETELY ALRIGHT. 
I do not want to hide my tampons or pads when I buy them at the medic so people see I'm on my period. I want to talk about it openly to anyone including guys. I do not want to be asked if I'm on my period to enter a religious place. I do not want to say the word "softly" in a public place. I do not want to be embarrassed if I stain in public or around people. I do not want to be embarrassed of my body. And these are just things happening right now, things have obviously been WAY worse and continue to be in many rural areas even today. 
So please. As times are evolving, maybe we should too. And the only we can start that is at home; i.e. start doing small things to bring that change. 
STOP hiding your pads or tampons, talk freely about it in public even if people stare, talk about it with your guy friends/ boyfriends and help them realise this isn't something they should be cringing about, DONT feel embarrassed in shops/ public, don't be disgusted with it yourself, remember its not pleasant but it is natural, Open your mind about it being a natural process and embracing it rather than hiding it, educate people who are unaware of many things regarding to menstrual cycles; includes your friends to your house help, last of all remember, It is a natural bodily function and NO ONE should be making you feel uncomfortable about it regardless of who they are. Be bold, be confident and love your body. Even your vagina. Don't be a pussy, about your pussy. 


-- This series is a blend of pictures and illustrations depicted with a mix of pastels and neon colours. Elements like glitter, flowers and butterflies have been used to put across my point.