A body positivity series featuring myself & other anonymous individuals of different shapes, sizes, colour etc to create this series to show you how beauty CAN be everywhere. 

This series will not be censored, or edited (as in the skin, "flaws", freckles etc). I have given a 3D aesthetic but the pictures are raw and you're seeing human bodies in their most purest form - natural. 
So before you report for nudity please read the message behind this: 

I am tired of society telling us what we should do with our lives. Starting with how to look, what colour is right, what body type is right, what hair is right. 
Its exhausting pushing yourself to reach those standards society has set for us, I’m not speaking for everyone here because Im sure everyone has felt this. 
Everyone has flaws, literally everyone, and we are taught from a very young age that we should cover them up, or not talk about them or reach for this perfection society thinks we should achieve. Except perfection doesn’t exist and yet the human race has this undying need to strive for perfection while bringing every one down one at a time. 

I know how it is to feel when you have to constantly worry about what you have to wear or what you can wear or what you shouldn’t wear so you don’t look too fat, or too thin. I still go to shops and look at things I could still not wear and sigh because I think Im not the right body type. I know how it is to feel when people knowingly or unknowingly shame you for your body and the way it looks, and that sticks inside your head whether you want it or not. I can still hear the laughs and the names that were used, I can still remember me running to the mirror several times a day to make sure nothing is tight and my fat is covered, I can still remember (most people will actually) me wearing a loose grey sweatshirt ALL the time, even in the scorching heat, just so I didn’t have to feel fat and no one would say anything. I can still remember dreading PE where my weight would be announced (yes they didn’t even think to be discreet) and everyone would gasp. I still remember me giving up food in 9th grade thinking that was the only way to lose weight. I also remember me, months later; standing bald, thin as a stick, after losing all the fat that ever existed in my body, in front of the hospital mirror, wondering why I had cared so much about what people thought bout me, or why I let such insignificant things affect my life before? 

I’ve done this series as being conscious about my body has taken up almost half my life and its exhausting. Still continues to do so. I want to feel free and I want to feel content, and I want everyone who has ever felt bad about that stretch mark, or that scar, or that extra fat, or the lack of boobs or anything that makes you feel insecure, to know that its time to be a rebel and break these god forsaken rules. 

Don’t add to society’s ego by actually hating your skin and your hair and your body! Love it, embrace it. Actually look in the mirror and remember your body is a reflection of you and your battles, you’ve come a long way and so has your body. After all the abuse, the wars, the pain. Its a piece of art, and no matter what kind of art, art is always beautiful to those who see beauty. And those are the kind of people we need to be, seeing beauty in everything. Open your eyes and love what you’re seeing. :) 

Please do your best in NOT judging people from their appearance. It straight up makes you ugly, from the inside. 
- I hope this helps in atleast 1% in getting the freedom we all deserve. Or atleast help you in looking at that mirror and smiling. 
- With saying that I would like to say, anything (being too overweight or underweight) that can adversely affect your health is something you need to take seriously. Please know the difference. 

Rosh ♥