Started of my 2016 with a shoot that inspired me from our daily life. I initially wanted to do a fairytale shoot, but I realised fairytale's dont exist, and instead of showing something unrealistic, I wanted to show something thats reality. I constantly see people trying to show how "perfect" their lives are. Yet, everyone has some distress they're trying to ignore or hide from the outside world. It constantly feels like our society is either not equipped to actually acknowldge and deal with pain or are so scared to actually accept it. Every one of us has some sort of distress in our life, no matter how small or big it maybe. It's a part of life, and its something we should be able to share openly and not hide it. More power to those individuals who deal with a lot of distress yet brighten others lives. "Being human is to be broken, and broken is its own kind of beautiful" - r.m drake" - precisely what Ive tried to portay. The series also has bright and dark pictures to represent the series itself. Model, makeup & hair: The lovely Nicole Padival. Post production: Roshini Kumar. Huge thanks to Ashwin Abraham for all the help :)