My self portrait series. ---- 

It was time I shared my story, very proudly to the world. For years I felt awkward talking about my past illness, because every time I did, the person I was speaking too would get overly awkward, shocked or would just say "no its okay, don't talk about it". They meant it in a good way of course. But this was mainly because, its a topic no one openly shares about. But here, I wanted to share. And no one really had the courage to listen. I was proud of my transformation. Even though it was the hardest days of my life, it made me who I am today and completely changed my life for the better. So, I wanted to break this boundary. I wanted to make this experience of mine into a work off art. Show it off through pictures. Share it to the world as a proud accomplishment. Show this side of me probably know one knew about, or didn't want to see me in. But its a part ofme and who I am today. :) This work is meant for two things mainly: 1. Share an important part of my life as a work of art. Purely a work of art. I don't intend to get any type off unwanted attention through it as I see this experience in a positive way. 2. Break out off the - lets be quiet and not talk about it - attitude, that I see prevailing in our society about many things. Yes there are many who may not want to talk about it, but they should know, its NOTHING to be ashamed, or afraid off. We're all victims and we're all fighters. Everyone should feel comfortable in sharing their stories. -- The series describes my plight and how I really felt during my fight with cancer. It goes in a order, I started off weak, scared, lost but came out more strong, confident and free. Ive tried showing these emotions through these series. ** (Brief history: I was diagnosed with Bone cancer - stage 4 @ the age of 14. Even though the odds looked very low, I was completely cured a year and half later) -- Sharing this has made me feel more liberated and happy. Hope it gives the right message out. Special thanks to Apeksha, Dhanish, Savni, Nikhil & my help Archana to make this possible. #proudcancersurvivor